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First harvest: early summer honey 2022

Spring of 2022 had its ups and downs, but eventually, at my apiary, i managed to get the earliest harvest possible in this latitude. With an intense goat willow nectar flow in April, most of the colonies had their brood nests full by end of the month - 6 weeks earlier vs. 2021. This meant only one thing - if there will be nectar flow - there will be early honey. So willows bloomed through April into early May, and overlapped with maple flow which resulted in putting up honey supers on 6/9 colonies. It got cooler, but remained dry and from mid-May, dandelions went blooming en-masse. Even the comb wax was yellow from the pollen. My rough feeling, the first harvest - which was 55 kg ( about 10 kg/colony) - is about 20% willow, 20% maple and 60 % dandelion. Apple trees kicked in end of May, so fruit trees will be the contribution of the next harvest in Mid-June. This is an achievement as most beekeepers consider fruit-tree honey as the first early honey of the season.

Honey came out amber in color, no doubt with a large contribution from dandelion.

Next harvest in 1-2 weeks. It will still be a version of the early summer honey with fruit trees, veronica's, water aven, cow parsley, wild carrot and soon to start ground elder, meadowsweet and clover.

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